Our Business Philosophy

Together, we can make the planet cleaner
We like taking responsibility for waste disposal, because we can ensure that it is disposed of safely and effectively for everyone’s benefit. Rather than just taking it to the dump and leaving it all there, we can ensure that the various refuse items get to where they need to go to be of maximum use and to have minimal negative environmental impact on Canada’s topography.

Your chore is our passion
Garbage removal is an industry that isn't going away. People and businesses are always going to have waste that needs disposing of. At CLH Garbage & Refuse Removal, we understand that it’s not a chore most people enjoy doing, and that's where we are happy to come in and assist you.

We may be a small-sized local business, but we cast a giant shadow in professional, friendly and flexible waste removal, excavating and renovation. Best of all, we offer these services to you at very affordable rates.

ServicesWe offer commercial and residential waste disposal services. We also offer many addittional services too.
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TestimonialsWe are all about making the world more attractive.
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